Fons Schiedon is a director, designer and artist, based in Los Angeles.
He works with live action & animation, for music videos, documentaries, advertising, titles, etc. etc.

Action Bronson ︎ GOLDENEYE
Big Brain Dolphins and a Journey Into The Subconscious

I worked with directors VIDEO CONNECTION to create Action Bronson’s journey to the higher and deeper levels of enlightenment for his music video GOLDEN EYE, and helped shape a very buff smart dolphin voiced by Tom Hardy.

Inspired by 1970s/1980s optical effects, I created about 25 minutes of tunnels, water dreams and light trips, some adorned with flocks of animals. In addition I made the computer interfaces that give us some hard FACTS about Action’s experience.


(Jamie-James Medina & Michael Dart Wadsworth)

Produced by
Daniel Kent
Edited by
Michael Dart Wadsworth at Final Cut
Sound Design:
Joe Visciano
Oliver Eid
Fons Schiedon 

DOP: David Kruta
1st AC: Filipp Penson
Gaffer: Greg Tango
Key Grip: Nicholas Moers
1st AD & DIT: Arina Bleiman
Producer: Jeremy Hartman

Production Manager: Dina Sorenson-Graham

Covid Safety Officer: Carmilla Tysheka
1st PA: Jared Greenberg
2nd PA: Allen Gandler
Vehicular PA: Matt Wade

DOP: Arina Bleiman
1st AC: Charlie Muentes
Key Grip: Khalid Riley
Executive Assistant: Melvin Honore

VFX by PostPanic Amsterdam @thepanicsamsterdam
Executive Producers: Jules Tervoort, Annejes van Liempd & Ania Markham
Head of Postproduction: Ivor Goldberg
VFX Producer: Liene Berina
Post Production Coordinator: Androniki Nikolaou
Senior VFX Artist & Art Direction: Kim Taylor
Compositing Supervisors: Chris Staves & Guido Ekker
Junior Compositor: Janneke van der Wel
CG Supervisor: Jeroen Aerts
Character Modeling & Texturing: Matteo Giorni
Character Animation: Tommie Geraedts

Titles: Matt de Jong
Retouching: Phil Jones
Additional VFX:
Shaw Walters
Alden Volney
Oliver Eid

Adapted from the novel Last Men in London (Methuen, 1932) by Olaf Stapledon
by Jamie-James Medina & Michael Dart Wadsworth

Taken from the album ONLY FOR DOLPHINS (Loma Vista Recordings, 2020)

Shot on location at Lift / Next Level Floats & Rockaway Beach in New York City, NY.
"Corvus Corax Canis Lupus"

︎︎︎Trippy UI screens designed & animated by Fons Schiedon

︎︎︎ Buff Big Brain Dolphin concept drawings

︎︎︎ Full Video

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