Fons Schiedon is a director, designer and artist, based in Los Angeles.
He works with live action & animation, for music videos, documentaries, advertising, titles, etc. etc.

Millerlite sets up shop in the metaverse -  voiced by Ryan Reynolds

Announcing Miller Lite’s first baby steps into the metaverse during the 2022 SuperBowl, a Ryan Reynolds-voiced spokesperson shows us around a familiar landscape of tropes.

Agency Network    Omnicom Media Group
Director    Jason Zada (m ss ng p eces) 
Production Company    Golden LA, Los Angeles
Advertiser Brand    Miller Lite, Milwaukee
Advertising Agency    DBB Worldwide, New York
Managing Director    Matthew Marquis
Executive Producer    Pierre Nobile
Creative Director    Fons Schiedon

Editor    Volkert Besseling
Technical Director    Jordan Halsey
Modeling    Lukas Schwarzar
Rigging    Coby Palivathukal
Rigging    Beau Cameron
Lighting    Luke Yoo
Lighting    Jordan Halsey
Animation    Coby Palivathukal
Animation    Beau Cameron
Animation    Bill Rodgers
Compositing    Alex Brodie
Compositing    Sam Nee
Color Grading    Luis Silva

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