Fons Schiedon is a director, designer and artist, based in Los Angeles.
He works with live action & animation, for music videos, documentaries, advertising, titles, etc. etc.

The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels
Animated sequences for SkyArts documentary on the Rise and Fall of The Beatles’ Apple Corps.

The fascinating inside story of Apple Corps, The Beatles' very own multimedia corporation that became one of the most colourful, outlandish and chaotic companies that ever existed.

We produced about 8 minutes of sixties-inspired animation.  The video above shows an edit of highlights.



Animation directed and designed by Fons Schiedon

Animation production United Tricks, inc.

Character animation services Birdo

Character animation services: Birdo
Producers: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet
Line Producer: Christiano Parentoni
Production Coordinator: Raquel Fukuda
Animation supervisor: Paulo Muppet

Animators: Alexandre Tsukamoto, Anderson Lister, Bia Leme, Gabriel Franklin, Gabriel "Gahba" Gomes, Ivanildo Soares, Paola Hiroki, Pedro Mendes, Victor Oliveira, Zé Vaamonde

Additional animation, and compositing Fons Schiedon
Animation Production United Tricks, inc.

Documentary written and directed by Ben Lewis
Produced by Tom Jenner
Production Company
Narrator Peter Coyote

Premiered June 17th 2017 on Sky Arts HD

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